About 5 years ago, one of my best friends encouraged me to try on a two-piece bathing suit and as uncomfortable as the idea made me I obliged. It made me uncomfortable because I had not worn a two-piece bathing suit in years and my body was not “itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini” ready. Fast forward to today, I own way too many bathing suits and although not much has changed with my body, my mindset is completely different. Bathing suits are created for bodies, and as long as I have a body, I will wear whatever bathing suit I desire.


As part of my “25 before 25” (will talk more about this in a different post) I took a random trip to the islands. I packed 10 bathing suits even though I would only be gone for 5 days. This bathing suit is not only cute, but it is extremely supportive, hugs you in the right places, shows just enough skin, AND it is affordable. me

Five years ago, you would not be able to catch me so confidently in a bathing suit, much less writing an entire post about it! I am so proud of my progress and thankful for friends that see beauty in you even when you do not see it in yourself! IMG_6191I would love to read about your favorite bathing suit in the comments! Thanks for reading. Love, Dee.

37 thoughts on “SWIM THICK

  1. Hey best friend!! That’s’ my best friend! You are beautiful, and so is the skin you’re in! I’m so proud of you! Looking forward to more posts! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing your story Dee and encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to embrace who they are and love the skin they’re in!!

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  3. This is so inspiring! I love the way thick girls are so comfortable in their own skin! It’s also a good way to help someone else who’s struggling with self confidence. A lot of girls my size feel that’s it’s not okay to wear certain types of swimsuits because it shows too much skin or they got too much cellulite. But that’s fine, we’re all beautiful because we’re different ( I mean special) lol

    P.S. You need to get me some of these swimmies 🔥

    Stay beautiful hun

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  4. You’re soo beautiful Dee!!!!
    This inspired me a whole lot, you know with that post baby tummy of mine 😂
    I admire you, I love how any thing you wear hugs your curves!
    You are gorgeous my friend.
    PS I need one of those swimsuits 😍😍😍😍

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  5. You’ve said it all! Confidence is within however, it could be imparted from another. This post is a true definition of such confidence!! #swimthick

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  6. Hey cuzo I love what you are doing. Most importantly it is good to be comfortable in your own skin .. Caribbean women are beautiful no matter what.. keep up the good work my dear . Stay bless and I will continue to keep reading your blogs. Maybe we can plan a trip together in the Caribbean 🌞

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