Island Living: Barbados

trip 2

If anyone knows me, they know that I come alive in the Caribbean; I am a true island girl so when my friend needed to take a business trip to Barbados I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tag along.

I am a planner. Whenever I travel, I like to have a full itinerary for every day. I am flexible to change things, but I like to have a good idea what I will be doing. That also helps me to not only budget my trip, but planning also helps me pack appropriate things (I will probably still over pack, but that’s beside the point)

Here is what I did during my short stay.

Day 1

I wanted to get to see as much of the island as possibly so my first day I did a land and sea tour with Island Safari. The tour was aboard a 4 X 4 jeep, which made seeing everything very easy. We visited quite a few points of interest like Gun Hill Station. We even saw Rihanna’s house, is that considered a point of interest?

trip 1

Outfit: Shirt Shorts Shoes

You guys have already seen pictures from the sea tour in my Swim Thick post. If not what are you waiting for?

Day 2

Nothing like a full day at the beach, right? I was so happy to spend the entire day relaxing at Accra Beach. I had both breakfast and lunch at the beach…if only every day could be like this. I rented a beach chair and umbrella, and at one point I think I even fell asleep!



Outfit: Bathing Suit Cover Up

Day 3

Unfortunately, I had to spend the better part of this day doing work. Work on vacation is not ideal but sometimes you “gotta do what you gotta do.” I didn’t want my entire day to be spent doing work, so I made an appointment to attempt flyboarding. To fly board, you put on these boots that are attached to a jetpack. You are pulled into the ocean by a jet ski and you’re supposed to balance and “fly”. I wish I had pictures to show, but most of my time was spent swallowing water! Guys, it was hard work. I probably “flew” for no more than 10 seconds. Let’s say I’ll be keeping my feet on the ground from here on out.

Barbados is beautiful, but then again which Caribbean island isn’t? I had a great time!

If you have ever been to Barbados, I would like to hear your experience in the comments. Any questions? Please feel free to ask. Thanks for reading.



14 thoughts on “Island Living: Barbados

  1. Niceee Dee! Barbados is indeed a beautifullllll island so many things to do but you need to be there with the right set of people. My last trip there wasn’t bad at all , my next trip though will be with a couple friends if I can find any haha.

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