Staycation Like a Boss 

This past weekend was one of my best friend’s birthday, and of course, we had to celebrate! Initially we wanted to do something international, unfortunately, that did not work out. Before this “staycation” I always felt like I had to get on a plane in order to experience new places, but this weekend proved otherwise.

A staycation is defined as a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. Contrary to my own beliefs it is possible to have a great time without spending that extra money on a flight.

Firstly, Groupon will be your best friend. All the activities we did was purchased through Groupon at a fraction of the original cost.

The first night started with painting with a twist. It’s amazing what a glass of wine can do because I felt like Picasso the moment I starting painting! The end results say otherwise, but I think overall we all did a good job.


After paint night we wanted to do karaoke, but let’s be honest we are getting old! We decided to call it a night. Sure we stayed up reminiscing on all the great times we had in college together, but we did it from the comfort of our bed.

The next morning one of my friends who loves to cook made us breakfast. Another perk of a staycation is not having to spend money at restaurants. A staycation is not complete without a visit to the beach or the pool. We opted for the pool since it was walking distance. If you go to the pool and you don’t have a mini photo shoot did you even go to the pool?


After the pool, we took a well-needed nap then prepared for the night. The birthday girl wanted to do things she never did before so a magic mike show seemed appropriate. I won’t post pictures from the show cause this is not this type of blog, but we dressed up so I’ll show that.


We ended the night at Universal Studios. After 10 pm the park turns into a more adult friendly location. If you buy a pass for $12 you can club hop all night. The clubs are themed from reggae (my fav) to rock. Whenever one club got boring we just went to another. The environment at Universal is also very safe. I must say when I am in the U.S I stay clear of clubs because a small dark room with one exit does not sit well with me, but I felt safe at Univeral.

The last day of our staycation was my friend’s birthday. We went to brunch, but not any kind of brunch. It was a Drag Queen themed brunch. Normally, I wouldn’t wear heels to brunch, but this was different. Drag queens go all out, so we followed suit.


The brunch wasn’t my idea, but honestly, I am pretty much down for anything. Also, we were presently surprised that our Groupon ticket included unlimited drinks, unlimited chips and dip and a full meal! Talk about bang for your buck!


Our last activity was wakeboarding at Orlando Watersports Complex.Again, something we never did before and took some getting accustom to, but it was fun.


So, the board I have in the above picture is not for wakeboarding but for kneeboarding. Kneeboarding is the beginners level. Although it was for “beginners” it was still very challenging. After falling off one too many times I finally was able to successfully go around the lake.


I am a travel junkie and I love the feeling of going on a plane, but after this weekend I will definitely try to enjoy my city more. Staycations are a great way to experience new places for cheap-mine only cost $125! Groupon is my new bae!

What fun things do you do in your city when hoping on a plane isn’t an option? How do you cut cost on your trips? Tell me all about it in the comments.

As always, thanks for reading.



11 thoughts on “Staycation Like a Boss 

    1. Victoria is Groupon QUEEN! Before we do anything she goes, “I’m sure there is a groupon for that” and she is normally right! Yeah we did. It had a full kitchen! Thanks for reading Shawn !

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    1. I updated the blog with a link to join Groupon! It really is a great discount place. You could probably even find make up on there 😝. Thanks for reading babe 😘


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