Workout Essentials

I know summer is here, and 99% of you guys are ready to slay because you’ve been working out all winter long, but for that 1% who’s summer body still need some work here are my five must haves for a great workout.

Activity Tracker

Fit bit

Having an activity tracker keeps me motivated. It is connected to an app on my phone that tracks my workouts and my progress. Being able to look down at my wrist to see how much longer I need to run to meet my 10,000 daily step challenge gives me that boost I need to keep going. Not only is it useful in the gym, but throughout the day it vibrates to remind you to move. This feature is helpful for people who sit all day at work or school. There are a few different options for activity trackers, but the one that I use is the Fit Bit Charge 2. Shout out to my friend Kyla for gifting me with this. It has enhanced my workout experience.


work out shoes

My favorite shoes to work out with are these Nike Roshe Run’s Working out puts a lot of strain on your feet so having comfortable shoes is essential. It took some trial and error to find a perfect pair but I finally. Although these are a bit pricey, I think it’s worth it. I would highly recommend any Roshe Runs.

Water Bottle


I was always the girl with ten plastic water bottles in the car, but since I purchased this bottle, I no longer use them. 1. It is more economical. 2. I wasn’t able to keep track of my water intake since I always lost the bottles. This one is big enough that I won’t lose it and I know if I drink the entire thing twice I’ve reached my daily recommended amount. Staying hydrated is so important  I like to add lemon or cucumbers (pretty much anything that’s in my fridge at the time) for some extra flavor. If drinking water is a challenge for you adding fruit  helps.

Sports Bra/ Pants 


I feel like somehow I always end up mentioning my breast in my post, but if you have big breast, this sports bra is amazing. It provides so much support. I’ve tried many sports bras only to be slapped in my face by my breast when I do a jumping jack. (Enter sad face emoji here). These pants are great for a few reasons. Firstly, they are not see through. You don’t want to be that person who’s underwear is on front street. They have a drawstring that keeps the pants up, whether you are squatting or doing a burpee, you won’t need to constantly pull up your pants. A bonus is that it has a pocket with a zipper at the back. Perfect for holding your keys!


Having headphones block out any distractions. Also the music you’re listening to pumps you up. I really hate when I forget my headphones. I do not have my headphones pictured because it’s just the regular apple ones. Honestly, I hate it. The wire gets in the way, and it’s rather frustrating. I am considering getting the solo beats. I would appreciate any recommendation for new headphones.

What are your gym essentials? Also, what’s the top song on your workout playlist? Mine is Roman’s Revenge by Nicki Minaj and Eminem. Let’s talk in the comments.

AS always, thanks for reading.




4 thoughts on “Workout Essentials

  1. Awesome tips! I use to have Nike running shoes but my friend stole them lol. Thanks for the plug on the sports bra I have the same issue, I will definitely check it out!

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  2. My must haves are sports bra, water and headphones. Catch is, i dont always have music on, I just use it to block out everyone else. The lemon water is really good, but most times I just drink 8 to 16oz before the workout.

    Can you post some of your favorite meals? Cause your meal prep be lit

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    1. I need to Music to keep me pumped! That’s why I’m looking for some new headphones. I actually took pics of my last meal prep to write a post so that’s coming. Thanks for reading babe 😘😘


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