25 Before 25: Part III

11. A fast from social media

My name is Deeana, and I am addicted to social media. I spend way too much time refreshing Instagram and watching people lip sync to songs they do not know the words for on Snapchat.  I can easily spend an hour scrolling without realizing it. I understand that social media is a big part of our world, I mean you probably got a notification of this post via social media, but I have a lot more productive things I can do with my time. A fast will allow me to just take a break and enjoy other things that I once enjoyed before social media.

12. Grow my nails

I have the shortest manliest looking nails ever. I know it’s silly, but I am always looking at people with beautiful nails and secretly wish my nails would grow. I watch a few Youtube videos, and I am convinced I found the magic potion. Drinking lots of water (because water helps with everything) and a garlic based strengthener. Healthy nails won’t break easily which has always been my issue. (gladly accepting any other tips)

13. Increase my water intake

I already drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, however, I feel like my body needs more. What I’ve done to drink more water is to get a big water bottle. In my last post, I spoke about gym essentials, and I mentioned my bottle. You can check it out here. I do have to go to the bathroom way too many times in a day, but I do see the difference in my skin.

14. Make my best friend’s birthday special 

I have been blessed with the best friends ever. I am extremely thankful for them and the role they play in my life. My days would not be the same without them, and I truly consider them family. Although I normally get them birthday gifts, this year I wanted to make an extra effort to do whatever I can to make sure they feel special on their birthdays. They don’t know this …well they do now since they read my blog…or at least I hope they do!

15. Learn to do a wing liner 

I am almost 25, and I can barely apply liner, so a wing liner is a major challenge. I think a wing liner is so feminine and adds extra “pizzazz” to any make-up look. I need recommendations in this area. Should I use a pen, liquid liner or the gel? What brand is easier for a beginner? Help!

As always, thanks for reading.



6 thoughts on “25 Before 25: Part III

  1. Awesome! Loving this 25 to 25 siries, as for growing your nails I’ve heard biotin works. Maybe try that,,,, oh and if you learn how to do a winged eye liner please share!! I don’t know the first thing about make up lol. Also, your friends are fortunate to have you. That’s super sweet. I wish I knew you personally lol

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    1. Thanks for reading Ray! I started taking biotin but I have not been consistent. I am sure you have great friends also. One of my friend’s birthday is this weekend and she has made it so difficult for me to do something nice!


  2. Im really feeling that fast. Maybe i will try it for couple weeks then bombard my timeline with posts hahahaha. Before i learned how to do a “decent” winged liner, i maybe spent all my money on liners- gel, liquid toot calitay lmao. But a trick you can use is tape. Line it up under your eyes, that way it leaves a clean line. You could also use concealer to straighten it up if a mistake does occur.

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  3. I have fasted from Social media for upto 3 months and I loved it! It helps with building relationship and just seeing what’s around you. I like the liquid liner I think it give a bolder look! I started with a NYX liner so that could be your practice one and once you accomplish that perfect wing on BOTH eyes you can explore your other options. And there’s also that new stamp thing that just makes the wing for you!

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    1. omg, idk if I can do 3 months! More power to you…I will get the NYX liner if I make a mess I will be calling you for help lol. Where can I get the stamp thing??? THat sounds easy. Thanks for reading babes


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