B In Graduate School

If anyone knows me, they know I take school very seriously. Growing up in a Caribbean household, education was always given such importance. My mom always said, “Deeana your education will take you places, and no one can ever take your education away from you.” She is correct; however, I think throughout my matriculation I stressed myself out over things that are now irrelevant. As I reflect on my grad school experience, I distinctly remember the tears I cried when I got a B. Yes, I cried real tears. That experience taught me so much, so I decided to share four things getting a B in Grad school taught me.

  1. Check pride at the door

Honestly, it took me a very long time to tell anyone I got a B. I had gotten all A’s so far and everyone was so proud of me. I was low-key ashamed to tell my friends and family I got a B. No one had ever made me feel incompetent in the past for my grades, so it was all in my head. Honestly, your friends and family won’t think any less of you because of a B. My close friends always express how proud they are of me for going to school full time and working full time, they don’t care about my grades.

  1. Remember the end goal

The ultimate goal for me is to obtain a Master’s Degree. Will a B stop that from happening? No, it won’t. It’s that simple. When you are stressing just ask yourself that question. “Will this issue hinder me from accomplishing my end goal?” If the answer is no, dust off your shoulders and move on!

  1. It is ok to be confident, but it is better to be prepared

My career is in human resources, and I got a B in Human Resources Management. I was so convinced that this class would be a walk in the park because after all, I do this at work every day. The course was not easy, yet I did not prepare accordingly. I did not read as much as I should have and I did not devote enough time to the assignments. My confidence came as a stumbling block. I am now aware of the mistake I made and making mistakes are ok, just as long as I don’t make the same mistake twice.

  1. No one cares

As harsh as that sounds, at the end of the day, no one cares about your specific grades if you have your degree. Whenever my current manager asks about school she never once asked, “Hey, what grade did you get in your last class?” When I apply for jobs in the future, my resume will not include that one B. If you are in high school grades matter so much more, because your grades will determine the college you get accepted to and the funding you receive, but it’s so different in grad school. I had to remind myself that at the end of the day, no one cares so why stress?

Can any of you guys relate? I hope this post inspires those of you who are still in school to stress less about the small things.  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

4 thoughts on “B In Graduate School

  1. Girl I did the exact same thing bc on my first paper I got a B. My mentor at that time politely put it that no one cared about a B and that I’ll b fine. I was so pressed in undergrad to get honors but truth be told… the conversation in the break room is not who aced finance or got a B. being successful is so much deeper than grades. Keep striving for the finish line — that’s success.

    Stay blessed. Great post.

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    1. You are so right about the conversation in the break room. People are extremely fascinated when you are young and education no one cares about grades…in high school and college sure they are very important but still nothing to cry over. Unless that grade is a D…then cry on lol. Thanks for reading Hun 😘😘


  2. Hahaha…ummm eveey semester my goal is to get to the Dean’s list of honor, so yes getting a n or an avg lower than 90 is a big deal. I remember missing the honors list by literally. 003 ridiculous right. I did cry. But you’re right. IyIt’ss not the end of the world. As long as you’re not satisfied with anything lower than a b+ 👏

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