Meal Prepping for Dummies

In trying to accomplish my weight loss goal of 25 pounds, I realized I needed to take the nutrition portion of the weight loss equation more seriously. My biggest issue was finding time to cook healthy meals during the week. On days when I leave home at 8 am and return and 8 pm, I had no time to cook and I often found myself buying unhealthy food on the run. I had to stop making excuses and meal prepping was the solution. After watching Youtube videos and looking up ideas on Pinterest I took a stab at it, and honestly, meal prepping is the way to go.

Every Saturday night I spend no more than 30 minutes deciding what I will cook for the following week. That way when I go to the grocery store on Sunday, I buy exactly what I need. My diet is very simple and it’s a small variation of the same thing every week.



My breakfast is always a smoothie. Smoothies are great because you get a good amount of fruits and vegetables in one serving. I never add sugar, because the fruits are naturally sweet. There are tons of recipes online but as of recent, I have been using the recipes from JJ Smith 10-day green smoothie cleanse. I don’t necessarily do anything to prep for my smoothies since it takes less than 5 min to make in the morning. If you do not have 5 min you can put all the ingredients in zip lock bags and throw it in the blender every morning. Some people also blend their smoothie the night before, but I prefer it fresh every morning




My lunch is pretty much always 1 protein and two veggies. I do not eat meat so I have to get creative in this department, but Pinterest is my best friend. For veggies, I like to switch it up…there are lots of options.

I really like these bowls, because they keep me honest with my portions and they are stackable so packing in the fridge is easy




My dinner is always a big salad with some protein. When I first started meal prepping my salads would not be very filling and I soon learned I need to add more. I get very creative with my salad. I add nuts, seeds, and pretty much whatever I have in my pantry.


Always pack snacks. I always found myself running to the cafe for a quick snack, but not anymore. I have a snack a few hours after breakfast and a few hours after lunch. The time between breakfast and lunch can feel so long especially when you’re sitting at a desk. I like to have almonds and craisins. My second snack break is to ensure I get my daily serving of fruits in or eat something that will give me energy at the gym.


In addition to what’s mentioned above, I try to drink 1 gallon of water a day. Some days are better than others, but I do try.

Have you tried meal prepping? Have you been successful? Please share any tips in the comments.

As always, thanks for reading.




8 thoughts on “Meal Prepping for Dummies

    1. I’m so sorry I’m late with my response. Did you start the cleanse? I’m actually on day 3 of the cleanse…decided to try it again because it was definitely a success the first time


  1. In an ideal world, I want to start meal planning and exercise on a regular basis to get my life. Now that I know you’re doing it, I can get tips from you 🙂 What are you using for protein? Are there any apps you can recommend? Is the cleanse just smoothies only?

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    1. Lol, get your life honey! An app I use is my fitness pal it helps you count calories and keep track of what you’re eating. There are two versions of the cleanse. One version is smoothie only and the other is two smoothies and 1 healthy meal. I am doing the 2nd version. In both versions you can eat fruits and nuts throughout the day as snacks. You also have to drink 1 gallon of water. For protein…I use different vegetarian options but I have been trying to limit that since lots of them are high in sodium. I make lots of loafs. I can text you anything else. Thanks for reading babe 😘😘😘


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