I’m Back 

It’s currently 2:36am and I’m up writing this post because quite frankly, I’ve been gone for too long. My absence can partly be blamed on two things. Firstly, the b*tch that is  hurricane Maria. This hurricane came and turned my beautiful island upside down. Life will never be the same and I just couldn’t think about writing a blog post when my family had no electricity or water. 

Secondly,  life happens. Since my last post I celebrated my 25th birthday, moved to a new state and started a new job. Moving takes so much and two months later I am finally all settled. 

The problem with being away for so long is I get stuck trying to think of the perfect post to come back with. Well, this is the perfect post. For those of you who kept asking, “when are you gonna post?” Thanks for keeping me motivated. I’m back! 



8 thoughts on “I’m Back 

  1. Ha we share the same sentiments. It’s been a rough few weeks but we shall rise again. Our people are strong.
    Let’s get back to being consistent now, i missed ya posts 😘😘

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    1. Yes we have no option but to come back better and stronger…and I’m talking about both Dominicans and us in respect to our blog/ channel. The holidays are coming I’m looking forward to some bomb looks from you ! Miss your videos too


  2. Welcome back!!! I’ve missed these Monday night post so much! Sorry about everything that has transpired with hurricane Maria, definitely keeping you, your family and the whole island in my prayers! Along with that boy, have you been moving and shaking so much has changed in such little time. Hopefully you’re all settled take your time to get everything together those are big transitions but in the meantime I’ll patiently wait on the next big post! ❤️ Ray

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    1. Thank you, I have definitely missed interacting with everyone through this platform. Thank you for your prayers. Which boy? I don’t think I mentioned a boy in my post lol. New post on Monday, getting back to the regular schedule.


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