Lessons from 2017


Happy New Year! 2017 was one of the busiest years of my life! I am so grateful to have made it to another year as life is both a privilege and a gift. As I set goals for the new year I wanted to share a few things I learned last year.

Do what’s best for me

At the end of the day, everyone will always do what’s in their best interest. Last year I learned that I should not feel bad when I pass on things that I do not think I will benefit from. Time is so precious, why waste it doing something I don’t enjoy?

Do not accept any less than I deserve

People will try to throw “half-ass-ness” at me. You know those people who are “kinda” your friend and you can sometimes call on them when you’re in need? The people you can trust with somethings but still have to be cautious about what you say  around them?  Yeah, those people. In 2018, if I am in any relationship I am giving my all so I expect nothing less from others.

Don’t be lazy

All good things come to those who work! Life is not easy and even the people born with a silver spoon in their mouth still have to work. Say what you want about the Kardashians but that family knows how to work and they are constantly reaping the benefits of the work they put in. I’ve noticed that my generation is very lazy. We want everything to be handed to us and when it’s not we sit and complain. Nothing is going to be handed to me. I better work for that degree or relationship or 6-pack. Whatever it is, I got to “work work work work work work” -Rihanna (Side note, Rihanna did not come to play in 2017 she really is a true representation of hard work)

It’s OK to fail.

Failure just means that I am trying new things. I had to learn that it is OK to fail so as long I fail differently every time. I learned that I should quickly learn from my failures and keep it moving. As a wise man once said, “last night I took an L but today I bounce back”

Bonus– Stay away from any person, place, or thing that drains my energy and compromises my happiness!

What did 2017 teach you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Lessons from 2017

  1. “Don’t be lazy” is something I had to learn in 2017. I thought I wasn’t but moving out on my own and going to grad school slapped my in the face and woke me up lol. I still need to improve in this area but I’m getting better.
    Love you Dee and thanks for sharing 💕 Happy New Year!

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    1. lol, grad school will do that to you! Whenever I complain to my mom she always say “Deeana you are young and strong now is the time to put in work!” She is right. We really have no excuse…although the bed feels great sometimes. Love you too Kadi, and blessings to you for 2018


  2. Lol at last night I took an L….Lots of great lessons you learned in 2017. In 2017, a lesson reaffirmed for me, through the powerful #meetoo movement, was to speak your truth. It was powerful that people were able to finally speak out , regardless of consequence, about sexual abuse they suffered in silence for many years. Although, I agree about your statement of millenials want instant gratification, I think a positive attribute for this generation is transparency. Black women rocked this year from Rihanna to voters in Alabama. 2017 was a year of resistance and persistence. I am encouraged and look to see what 2018 holds!

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