La Di London


“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
― Samuel Johnson

The Flight

Believe it or not, I went to London on a first class ticket for $0.00. About a year ago, I was on a Norwegian Airline flight that was delayed for two days. I was so ready to write the airline a letter, requesting some sort of compensation but they beat me to it. When I got on the flight the flight attendant had a bag with everyone’s seat number and they were just giving out gifts and luckily I won two round trip first class tickets to London. I took my cousin Amanda with me and we had a great time.

The flight is 8 hours long and I was so worried. That would have been the longest flight I’ve taken and I get annoyed being on a plane for 4 hours so I was not looking forward to 8. Surprisingly, it was really a great flight.(Partly because I was in first class) The seats reclined, there was enough leg room and they served us food and drinks the entire 8 hours. I slept for most of the trip but when ever I was awake, best believe I had a drink!


My first London meal was, you guessed it…Fish and Chips! Fish and Chips is what we would call fish and french fries in the US it’s just better in London.

I had to go to Nandos!

All the Youtubers from London eat at Nandos so it was definitely a place I wanted to try. I had a mushroom burger that was so good. I really wanted to buy another one but didn’t want to be greedy. I ate at a place called Wagamama, a Japanese inspired restaurant. Although no one serving appeared to be Japanese the food tasted very authentic. They have a really good vegan menu. Besides going to different restaurants I was sure to try all the different chocolates and snacks that’s special to London. I realized that somethings (like Cheetos) tasted way differently even though its the same brand.

Overall, the main difference I noticed in the food is the portions. The portions are much smaller, but somehow I was very satisfied after every meal. The food is also seasoned differently. Not necessarily better but just different.

Things to Do 

For me, being in London was enough.

The architecture is out of this world. Seeing the red phone booths and the red buses just made me feel like I was in a story book from my childhood. We visited a few of the landmarks like the London Eye, Big Ben a few castles and palaces and Stone Hedge.

I am still in awe of Windsor Castle.

We were not allowed to take pictures on the inside, but oh my goodness. Pictures would not have done it justice. It is so royal and beautiful. Everything is perfect from the carpet to the beautiful art work hung on the golden walls.

Stone Hedge is also a must see.

It’s about 2 hours outside of  London but it’s worth the trip. Stone Hedge is considered a British Cultural Icon and is a protected landmark. These stones stand about 13 ft and is said to have been there from 3000 BC. Isn’t it fascinating that it’s still standing ?


Lastly, but most importantly shopping! I’ve lived in New York, but honestly shopping in London was an awesome experience. Taxes are included in the price so the price you see is the final price. I had to control myself and not spend too much even though I really wanted to. Even when I compare stores that are in the US to the same store in London the variety in London is much greater. P.S. Make sure you bring your own shopping bags. In an effort to reduce plastic waste, all stores charge for plastic bags.



  1. Do not convert your money at the airport. The exchange rate at local places in London is much better and you avoid taxes and fees. Also, if your debit card allows international transactions the ATM’s at the Metro station do not have any fees.
  2. Book all of your excursions before getting there. We really wanted to go to Paris so we booked a day trip and thought everything was set. Later that day we got a call saying because we used an American card they suspected fraud and canceled the trip. I was super disappointed to make it all the way to London and not go to Paris.
  3. The time difference will really mess you up! Everyone talks about it, but it’s different to actually experience it. I couldn’t fall asleep at night and in the morning I could not wake up. That was such a pain in the butt when trying to leave the house early for exploring.
  4. I understand why everyone loves tea in London, because it is so COLD! I have never experienced such rigid temperatures before. Please dress accordingly.

Have you visited London before? What was your favorite part? If you’d like to visit in the future and have specific questions please leave them in the comments and i’ll do my best to answer.

Thanks for reading,



16 thoughts on “La Di London

  1. Next time can we leave Amanda down and take me instead? Lol I was tuned in to Snapchat while you were on that trip because DUHH it’s London. Great post beautiful 💋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amanda cannot stay down! but the more the merrier so next time we have to plan accordingly. London is beautiful, looks just like the books we read as a kid. Thanks for reading babes


  2. London looks good on you, and your cousin is gorgeous! For 0.00 I’m sure anyone would of been thrilled to be your plus one, what a lucky cousin. Keep livin your best life, and happy new year maybe? Lol 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Plus meeting family we haven’t seen in years.. plus don’t forget to walk with your bags when shopping…unless you want to pay £0.05 for a bag! I’m honored to have spent this moment with you much love! 💗💗💗 to many more adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG! How could I forget that important tip about the bags! Definitely want to avoid getting strange looks when you ask for the bag to be doubled. I couldn’t think of a better person to travel across the world with! Love you Babes (P.S that was your birthday gift lol) xoxo


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