Girl Boss

“She’ll put a smile upon your face and take you to a higher place, so don’t you underestimate the strength of a woman”


From Jesus’ time on earth, to the era of the Civil Rights Movement to March 8 2018 women have been holding it down with little to no appreciation. Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day so I wanted to use my platform to shout out all women!

Shoutout to all my women out there taking care of their families, keeping your home in order is definitely a full time job. To those pursuing degrees, continued success. To all women going aggressively after their dreams I applaud you and I am so proud. To the women who are still figuring it out, good things take time. I am honestly inspired by all the women in my life who work so hard all with a smile on their face and their eyebrows on fleek! Shout out to you !

As a woman, stating your accomplishments can sometimes be taken as you being boastful, but you know what? Today is our day. Let’s take a moment to toot our own horn! I’ll start.

I’m Deeana

Deena.Peter IMG_1000_70

I have a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration. I own a small boutique and I am a blogger. I currently serve as a Human Resources Manager for the largest protestant Healthcare System in the United States. My journey has been one of lots of ups and downs but I’m proud of my progress and so excited for my future.

What are you proud of? I know I have friends who are multitalented. Take a moment and brag on yourself! If you have a business shout it out. If you have a YouTube channel put the link below. Do you do hair, makeup, or lashes? Put your Instagram handle below.

Thanks for reading,

❤️ Dee

2 thoughts on “Girl Boss

  1. I love this post! You have much to be proud of. Women are awesome beings. I’m proud to be a young woman with an Associate’s Degree in both Mathematics and Biology. I’m good with babies/toddlers and I’m also a bit artistic. I use my skills to create flyers, cards, logos etc. I hope to continue my education in the near future in the field of sports medicine.
    Much love & blessings to all women!

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    1. Hi Jernz, thanks for reading! So proud of you…anyone with any degree in math and biology is someone who is extremely intelligent! Continued success on your future plans .


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