Bahama Mama

I did my first poll on Instagram and asked what you guys wanted to see from my trip to the Bahamas. Outfits or Activities. The poll was pretty close so I’ll do a mix of both, win win right?

Two weeks ago, my best friend, cousin and I went to Nassau for the weekend and we had a blast! Honestly, if there is sunshine and the beach a good time is bound to happen.

First things first, if possible, stay at an all-inclusive hotel. The freedom of having all-inclusive drinks and food is worth it. We stayed at Breezes Resort. I think the hotel could use a face lift, but I would recommend it with a few reservations. The WiFi was basically non-existent. It would show you that you are connected, but I couldn’t even post a snap, so I was not a happy camper.  The food at the themed restaurants was not great but the buffet had lots of options. I wish we had just gone to the buffet for dinner every night. They have a restaurant by the pools that serve the same thing every day-fish & chips, hot dogs, burgers & fries and salad. It wasn’t anything to shout about but it didn’t taste bad or anything. Just regular. Thankfully, the drinks were good. You can ask them to make it as strong as you want and they did.  If you have three people in a room be sure to ask for extra towels. I felt as if they were low on towels the way we had to keep asking for extra.

Upon arrival we got settled then headed to the pool/beach. (The resort is on the beach)img_5447


Day 1-Booze Cruise

One word, lituation.

The entire staff on the boat was young so that alone made for an exciting time. The music selection was on point and the drinks kept coming. Although it rained, that did not stop the party. We made a stop at a random island where we had the opportunity to jet ski and snorkel. That was the most turn up time I had on the island

Day 2- Power Boat Adventures

Imagine spending the entire day on island in paradise, with all-inclusive drinks and food, how does that sound? Amazing, right? This was such a remarkable experience. If you don’t do anything else, when visiting The Bahamas, you need to do this. The staff was great and we had a momentous day on our own secluded island. We boarded the boat at Paradise Island (they provide a shuttle from your hotel. Be on time, because they will leave you)img_4794

It’s a speed boat with both covered and uncovered seating. The first stop is about an hour out. We stopped to feed iguanas. We were given grapes and a stick and the iguanas just ate off the stick.

They were aggressive, but still pretty cool to see wild animals cooperate  humans.

Our next stop was our hang out spot for the day. On one of the Islands of Exuma, we were greeted by sharks and stingrays. What a sight to see! Sharks just swimming around the boat. When we got off they had light refreshments and an open bar. Our first activity was feeding the Stingrays. Having a stingray suck fish from your fingers is an experience you never knew you needed to have, till you have it. Then the guides did shark wrangling.

I got the opportunity to pull in a shark with my bait. Yes, it’s as difficult as you imagine. For the rest of the day we just relaxed on the beach chairs did some snorkeling then had lunch. The lunch was prepared fresh for us, and honestly it was the best food I ate on the island. We had a surprise from the cutest piglets. They were clean and enjoyed the water. That part was not advertised. It was the perfect day.

Saying goodbye…I normally dress super chill to travel but I got this t-shirt I really wanted to wear! My Friend Jahmal better known as Ma Buttacup is a self taught comedian from Dominica/St Marteen. If you need a laugh check him out on Facebook. He also does advertisements. I’ve used his services before and he never disappoints!


Tips-Just as you pay extra for bags on a plane, the taxi charge based on the number of bags and people per ride. The conversion rate is equal to the US dollar and US is accepted everywhere so there is no need to change your money before traveling. Lastly, don’t forget bug repellent!

If you guys want any more details on my trip, don’t hesitate to ask! Is Bahamas on your list of places to visit? It was too quick of a trip, but totally worth it!Thanks for reading.

Love, Dee.

14 thoughts on “Bahama Mama

  1. Amazing amazing trip! Sun, sea, sand, drinks.. what could go wrong?! Thanks for sharing.. if nothing else works try a mini vacation 😁😁!! I look forward to many more!


  2. You all did a lot! Thats always good! Swimming with pigs I never would of imagined now you make me want to try it! Anyway I liked that bue and white stripped two piece super cute very fitting for the occasion, last outfit was lit I mean anything with a Gucci belt is fie 🔥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. do I really have to tell u how I feel about your outfits? I guess not, cause you always slay. Lol. Interesting trip though. A lot of those animals I wouldn’t get close to. Hah

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my goodness! You guys did sooooo much and can I add you did not come to play with you’re outfit selections!! I’m sure you enjoyed your time. Did you get all your food locally?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually we didn’t eat a lot of local food since our hotel was all inclusive we took advantage of that. But the food on the island was what I like to call “fresh” lol


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