Bright Bright Sun Shining Day

I told myself I would not buy anymore bathing suits since I already have so many, but let’s face it-that was not a very realistic goal. As I mentioned it my previous bathing suit related blog post ( Read Here  ) I like shopping at Forever 21  for plus size bathing suits. They are very inexpensive and still very trendy. That’s a win in my book. Here are my favorite three from this season

This green one is super cute and has a X design in the back. This bathing suit came with pads in the breast but I took them out. Still had enough support.


This one appears like a two piece in the back. I think that’s a cute detail, specially if you would rather cover your stomach but still be sexy. It says “sunkissed” and I normally don’t like clothes with writing on it, but hey sunkissed is appropriate for the summer. The cover up is also from Forever 21


This one is simple, yet so cute and playful.

I hope this post brings you some inspiration for your next vacation or pool day.

Tell me which one is your favorite in the comments. Also if you purchase any of these bathing suits tag me in a picture! I’d love to see how you guys style it.

Thanks for reading

Love, Dee

13 thoughts on “Bright Bright Sun Shining Day

  1. My favorite is the green and white! Although all fits you immaculate! Also, I agree forever 21 is a good source for plus size bathing suits.. especially when price is s factor.

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  2. All of these look aaaamazinnnggg!!! They are so fashionable, fun, but more important realistic!! The sun kissed was my favorite one and I love the cover up. The cover up adds a touch of elegance to the suit. I just love it!!

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