Swimsuit Sunday’s


Growing up, some of my GREATEST memories happened while wearing a bathing suit! Every Sunday my family would pack up our stuff and either spend the day at the beach or have a cook up by the river; which was a full day affair. I know that my fellow Dominicans can relate. Heading to the sea we would enjoy the sea bath until it was time to head to the river with our bags, baskets, buckets or any other form of carrying our essentials for the days activities! We would either have packed our shampoo and condition or just simply pick the hibiscus flowers to wash our hair, soap to wash clothes and food to keep us all day long unless if we decided to cook a one pot on the river stone. Just by writing this I’m being nostalgic! Even after the childish memorable eras we still would go to the beach without the “adults, adults” for a drink up…which lead to more wonderful memories.

I was going through my pictures and realized I have so many pictures in a bathing suit. Sure I like the way I look in a bathing suit but mostly I love being at the beach or river. That’s my happy place.

I follow a few hashtags like AsForLita #TittyTuesday and TheLocdDoc #TshirtTuesday so this idea really came from them. I’d like to introduce Swimsuit Sunday’s. On Sundays i’ll post a short post here on the blog and on Instagram either reviewing a bathing suit or just posing for the fun of it. I will also feature anyone who post using the hashtag #SwimSuitSunday and tagging me. I’ve created an Instagram highlight on my page that features will be added to.


For most people being in a bathing suit is associated with happiness, unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. I want this hashtag to help people see others who look like them rocking their favorite bathing suit. I encourage everyone of all shapes and sizes to participate.


Outfit Details: Bathing Suit & Cover Up: Fashion Nova.

Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to tag me in your bathing suit pictures!

Love, Dee.

3 thoughts on “Swimsuit Sunday’s

  1. Yasss boo, here for it.

    Took me all the way back. I enjoyed getting my back scrubbed by the river and eating roast breadfruit and coconut. Lol after all that, walk up the hill only to be drenched in sweat and bathe again.

    But the beach was my happy space. Taught me so much about myself and learning how to be ok with being alone.

    Wearing a bathing suit says a lot about our self confidence because there are so many styles and variations, it also speaks volume to our personality in its pattern etc.

    I’ll be sure to follow the hashtag and maybe be featured in the near future 😘

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    1. Yes!!!! Thankfully for us we drove to the beach/river so by the time we reach home is bed! Oh to get back to the simple days!

      Thanks for always reading and supporting. You have easy access to the beach now so I’ll be expecting a post from you soon! ❤️❤️


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