Bahama Mama

I did my first poll on Instagram and asked what you guys wanted to see from my trip to the Bahamas. Outfits or Activities. The poll was pretty close so I’ll do a mix of both, win win right?

Two weeks ago, my best friend, cousin and I went to Nassau for the weekend and we had a blast! Honestly, if there is sunshine and the beach a good time is bound to happen.

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Single on Valentine’s Day

I’ve been single on Valentine’s Day for…just about 25 years if my memory serves me right. Yes, I’ve been in relationships before but somehow, they never lasted till Valentine’s Day. Despite my current relationship status, here I am happy and living my life. There is no reason to be bitter on this day if you are single. To avoid bitterness here’s 5 things to do. (People in relationships can also do these things)img_3862Continue reading “Single on Valentine’s Day”

Don’t Be Clothes Minded

no shopping

I went to the mall with a friend and she saw some pants she wanted. Immediately, I was like, “girl I got the same pants except mine is Adidas!” When I went home I tried on the pants for her to see. When trying on the pants she pointed out that it still had on the tag. I bought those pants for $80 since September and I had never worn them. I saw the pants on some blogger and just went and bought it.

I went through my closet and found so many clothes that still had the tag on it or clothes that I had only worn once. In that moment the light bulb went off! I spend way too much money on clothes that I never wear.Continue reading “Don’t Be Clothes Minded”