Island Living: St. Lucia

For my 25th birthday I planned a trip to Cancun with my best friends. Unfortunately, mother nature had different plans. Three days before the trip we had to cancel due to the weather conditions in Mexico. I was honestly extremely disappointed, because I was planning this trip for months now. My friends still wanted to do something with me and we literally went online and searched “islands not affected by the hurricane.” St. Lucia was one of those islands. All of my friends could not make it, but I was so grateful my faithful travel buddy and best friend of over 10 years, Kyla was able to make the trip!

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Life is Short, Buy the Dress  


I saw this dress on my Instagram feed and instantly fell in love. I loved the sparkle and shine and thought it would be perfect for my 25th birthday dinner. I quickly went to Fashion Nova to take a closer look at the dress. The more I looked at it the more I felt discouraged. I looked at the back and realized it was relatively open. I know I’ve been working out but I still have a very stubborn back roll that does not want to go away. How would back fat look with that dress? The cut is very low which meant I couldn’t wear a bra with it. Where would my breast go? I had never gone bra-less before. Also, I looked at the length and thought my thighs was simple too big for such a short dress. I literally felt like I was having an internal battle.

I am always encouraging people to love their body, yet here I was putting myself down. What I’ve learned is the journey to self-love never ends. Some days I walk pass the mirror and I’m like damn girl have you been squatting? Other days I rather not look in the mirror. As I continue to work for the body I want I will love the one that I have.

So, I bought the dress and this happened:


So, what’s that outfit you’ve been eyeing but refuse to buy cause some part of your body is just too big? After reading this post go to that website and make that purchase cause afterall, life is short…just buy the dress.



I’m Back 

It’s currently 2:36am and I’m up writing this post because quite frankly, I’ve been gone for too long. My absence can partly be blamed on two things. Firstly, the b*tch that is  hurricane Maria. This hurricane came and turned my beautiful island upside down. Life will never be the same and I just couldn’t think about writing a blog post when my family had no electricity or water. 

Secondly,  life happens. Since my last post I celebrated my 25th birthday, moved to a new state and started a new job. Moving takes so much and two months later I am finally all settled. 

The problem with being away for so long is I get stuck trying to think of the perfect post to come back with. Well, this is the perfect post. For those of you who kept asking, “when are you gonna post?” Thanks for keeping me motivated. I’m back! 



25 Before 25: Part V

Let me start off by saying I wanted to make this post public but in light of current events, a blog post seems so insignificant. I am overwhelmed by the natural disasters, and the people who are affected by Hurricane Irma are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anyway, here’s to the last of my 25 before 25 series:

21. Clean out my closet and purchase a luxury item

I have clothes in my closet that I literally have not worn in years, but I keep them “just in case.” There is a lack of plus size clothing at places like the Salvation Army so I know there are lots of people who would benefit from me donating some of my lightly worn clothes.  As motivation to clean out my closet, I want to purchase a luxury item. I have my eyes on something, but we will see if I decide to splurge on myself.

22. Go on a no reason trip

I did this multiple times. Honestly, I really did not need to make this a goal Anyone who knows me know that I take every opportunity I can for a random trip.

23. Take myself to dinner & a movie

Being intentional about spending time with myself is so important to me. As an introvert constantly being around people can be so draining. So this goal although it’s to take myself out, just spending time alone doing something that I enjoy is the real goal.

24. Fit in Mint Swim

Draya is goals. Her body is goals, and so are her swimsuits. Once I achieve my goal of losing 25 pounds, I will be able to fit one of her regular sized swimsuits. I have my eye on the “Yaya, ” but it’s currently sold out.

25. Plan an epic girls trip to celebrate my 25th birthday

I don’t think I have ever done anything special to celebrate my birthday. The past few years my birthday came and went like a regular day. This year I wanted to do something big since I’ll be a quarter of a century! My girls and I are going to Cancun on Thursday…that’s of course if Irma, Jose, and all the other natural disasters decide to chill!

This week’s shoutout goes to Chalcia. She has been helping people locate their family members who have been affected by Irma. She is the real MVP for getting confirmation that my best friend’s cousin was safe and sound.

As always, thanks for reading.