3 Outfits + 1 Beat Face = Perfect Collab


This post is extremely special because it is a collaboration with Sugar Yemi J on Youtube. Sugar Yemi J is a new Youtuber that I know personally and I really love her work. Not only is she great at doing makeup but she is so positive and inspiring. This blog is all about positiveness and women inspiring others so I will happily jump at any opportunity to work with someone who has the potential to bring positivity to my blog. So to get all the details on my beat face check out her channel.

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Thank you, Mama!

Thank you, Mama.

bday 2

For the nine months you physically carried me, and for how you have carried me emotionally since then I thank you. This past week was incredibly special for mothers around the world, but it has been particularly special for my mom. She celebrated her birthday and Mother’s Day. So, it’s only right that I dedicate today’s post to her! In my last blog post, I mentioned that one of my goals was to make my mom’s birthday special and I am so happy my plans all went well. My mom lives in Dominica, and I live in the U.S so planning everything took some extra effort but seeing the smile on her face made it all worth it.

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25 Before 25: Part I

Warning: Text heavy post. No fun bathing suit pictures, sorry!  Also, some of these are personal, but we are all cool here, right?

Ok, so in September I turn 25! I can’t believe it. One day I was sitting in a meeting, and I had a thought…it went something like this, “Deeana, you have quite a few goals to accomplish this year, you should make a list of 25 things big and small to do before your 25th birthday!” So at that moment, I started writing down the things I already knew I needed to accomplish and added some other things I’ve always wanted to do to the list.

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Island Living: Barbados

trip 2

If anyone knows me, they know that I come alive in the Caribbean; I am a true island girl so when my friend needed to take a business trip to Barbados I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tag along.

I am a planner. Whenever I travel, I like to have a full itinerary for every day. I am flexible to change things, but I like to have a good idea what I will be doing. That also helps me to not only budget my trip, but planning also helps me pack appropriate things (I will probably still over pack, but that’s beside the point)

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