Great Minds

I had a work banquet a few weeks ago and of course I had to share my outfit in the group chat for approval. When I showed my cousins my dress my cousin Amanda showed me her online shopping cart and we realized we have the same dress !

This ASOS dress is what the young people would refer to as EVERYTHING! It’s comfortable and flattering. Wedding season is coming up and it’s the perfect wedding dress! I got so many compliments when I wore this dress and so did Amanda.

I know lots of people don’t like when others have the same clothing as them, but I couldn’t care less! This just showed me that we both have a great sense of style…you know what they say, great minds think a like! Dare I ask who wore it better? Kidding, we both slayed!

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💛 Dee

Life is Short, Buy the Dress  


I saw this dress on my Instagram feed and instantly fell in love. I loved the sparkle and shine and thought it would be perfect for my 25th birthday dinner. I quickly went to Fashion Nova to take a closer look at the dress. The more I looked at it the more I felt discouraged. I looked at the back and realized it was relatively open. I know I’ve been working out but I still have a very stubborn back roll that does not want to go away. How would back fat look with that dress? The cut is very low which meant I couldn’t wear a bra with it. Where would my breast go? I had never gone bra-less before. Also, I looked at the length and thought my thighs was simple too big for such a short dress. I literally felt like I was having an internal battle.

I am always encouraging people to love their body, yet here I was putting myself down. What I’ve learned is the journey to self-love never ends. Some days I walk pass the mirror and I’m like damn girl have you been squatting? Other days I rather not look in the mirror. As I continue to work for the body I want I will love the one that I have.

So, I bought the dress and this happened:


So, what’s that outfit you’ve been eyeing but refuse to buy cause some part of your body is just too big? After reading this post go to that website and make that purchase cause afterall, life is short…just buy the dress.



Keeping the Beaches Beautiful  


A few years ago, you would not find me posting pictures in bathing suits, much less writing about it! A moment of silence for my personal growth in that area! Let me start off by saying the best accessory for your bathing suit is confidence. I wear whatever suit I have proudly. You will not find me constantly pulling to cover an area of my body I don’t like. The truth of the matter is I am a big girl. If that makes anyone uncomfortable, quite frankly that’s none of my concern. Girls of all shapes and sizes graciously slide in my DM’s to ask about my bathing suit, so I figured making a post about my favorite places to purchase bathing suits is a good idea. Here goes!

Forever 21

The first place I always look for bathing suits is Forever 21. They have a great plus size line. Because their suits are created with a plus size girl in mind the straps are a bit thicker, and the support is great. These bathing suits are also very affordable. I’ve never paid more than $30 for a Forever 21 suit.

Sure, many other people might have the same suit, but it’s all about how you rock it. I recently went to pool party, and I wore a Forever 21 bathing suit. At least five other women were wearing the same suit, but we all put our twist on it and looked great. We even took a group picture together!

Swimsuits for All

Swimsuits for All is an online store that has a broad range of bathing suits. They have suits starting at size 0. This website is where plus size designers such as Gabi Fresh and Ashley Graham launch their lines.


They have lots of fashion forward pieces and a such a huge variety. You are certain to find something that you like. The ticket price might appear a bit high, but you should always wait for the sales. I never buy anything on this website for full price. Their sales are good, sometimes as much as 70% off the entire site.



Asos has a curve size section, everyone knows this, right? But did you guys know they have a “big bust” section? In that part, they cater to the ladies who received an extra portion the “boob blessing.”

If you are looking for a high waist bathing suit, Asos is the place to look.  Asos also carries other brands so you could find a Monif C suite on there for a bit cheaper. If you are a student be sure to sign up for “unidays.” Unidays gives a  personalized coupon code for shopping on many web sites including Asos.


I have only purchased one bathing suit from Eloquii, but I suspect it will not be my last.


The fit is perfect. This one came with straps, but I decided to go with the off-the-shoulder look. The description box is also helpful so be sure to check that before purchasing. This one ran small, so I knew to get a size up.

La Blanca

La Blanca is expensive. Being very transparent here, but I sign up with a new email every time I purchase from them to get that 15% welcome discount. The most I’ve ever spent on a bathing suit was from La Blanca, but it was worth it. Their suits hug you in all the right places, and the suit itself is well made. I also realized that it dries rather quickly…not a big deal to some but when you are running from the beach to your vehicle a dry swimsuit makes a big difference.

When Serena Williams announced her pregnancy via Snapchat, she was wearing a La Blanca suit. I had to have it. I was so tempted to post it in this post, but I am saving it for my upcoming birthday trip.

If you guys notice, I did not mention Ali express or any Instagram boutique. You get what you pay for with those options. I’ve purchased from that random store that always pops up on my Facebook feed, but it has always been a hit or total miss. I would recommend sticking to a trusted site. With trusted sites, it is also easy to return an item just in case it does not fit.

If I were a famous blogger, I would have had coupon codes for you guys…one day.  I hope you guys find this helpful. Please share with your girlfriends who are always looking for that perfect bathing suit.

Thanks for reading!



3 Outfits + 1 Beat Face = Perfect Collab


This post is extremely special because it is a collaboration with Sugar Yemi J on Youtube. Sugar Yemi J is a new Youtuber that I know personally and I really love her work. Not only is she great at doing makeup but she is so positive and inspiring. This blog is all about positiveness and women inspiring others so I will happily jump at any opportunity to work with someone who has the potential to bring positivity to my blog. So to get all the details on my beat face check out her channel.

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