Staycation Like a Boss 

This past weekend was one of my best friend’s birthday, and of course, we had to celebrate! Initially we wanted to do something international, unfortunately, that did not work out. Before this “staycation” I always felt like I had to get on a plane in order to experience new places, but this weekend proved otherwise.

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3 Outfits + 1 Beat Face = Perfect Collab


This post is extremely special because it is a collaboration with Sugar Yemi J on Youtube. Sugar Yemi J is a new Youtuber that I know personally and I really love her work. Not only is she great at doing makeup but she is so positive and inspiring. This blog is all about positiveness and women inspiring others so I will happily jump at any opportunity to work with someone who has the potential to bring positivity to my blog. So to get all the details on my beat face check out her channel.

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Always Chase the Waterfall

Recently I visited the only perfect place left on earth-Dominica (don’t argue with me). If you haven’t visited before, you need to take a trip. You will not be disappointed. I am a bit biased because that is my home, but it is genuinely the Caribbean’s best-kept secret. God did not hold back when creating such a beautiful place.

IMG_8175Location: Chaudiere Pool

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About 5 years ago, one of my best friends encouraged me to try on a two-piece bathing suit and as uncomfortable as the idea made me I obliged. It made me uncomfortable because I had not worn a two-piece bathing suit in years and my body was not “itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini” ready. Fast forward to today, I own way too many bathing suits and although not much has changed with my body, my mindset is completely different. Bathing suits are created for bodies, and as long as I have a body, I will wear whatever bathing suit I desire.
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